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Top Golf Club Brands at www.rockbottomgolf.com

All golfing enthusiasts are fully aware that the game of golf uses tools such as a variety of golf clubs and golf balls. Golfers choose golf clubs carefully.  Their usual goal in choosing golf clubs is to help improve their game.

As a result, there is a proliferation of customized golf clubs for every user.  Golf has very strict rules that limit the design of each type of golf clubs.  However, there are three basic parts of a golf club:  the Head, the Shaft, and the Grip.  A set of golf clubs usually contain three woods (the 1-drive or driver, 3, and 5), seven irons, and a putter.  Rules state that a player can only carry up to 14 clubs in the golf bag.

GolfIf you are a beginner or someone with a limited budget but you love the sport, investing in golf equipment, particularly a set of golf clubs can get pretty expensive.  At www.rockbottomgolf.com, we make sure that avid golfers get quality golf equipment at very affordable prices.  We offer top golfing equipment from the top brands in the sport at very low prices.  www.rockbottomgolf.com is in fact one of the biggest retailers of discount golf equipment and apparel.

If you are looking for affordable golf clubs, we have excellent clubs from top brands. Here are some golf brands at www.rockbottomgolf.com and the type of golf clubs that we offer for each brand, available at discounted rates.

1. Adams Golf

Adams Golf is a brand under the TaylorMade Golf Company.  Founded by Gary Adams, a son of a golf professional, the company has always worked with true golfers in order to design the best equipment, particularly golf clubs.

The Adams Golf Blue Combo Irons set made of graphite and steel is composed of 8 golf clubs and features their patented Easy Launch System, which is guaranteed to launch the ball easily into the air.  The Easy Launch System has Velocity Slot Technology TM and Low/Back CG.  The Velocity Slot Technology gives players more flex and speed.


The Adams Golf Tight Lies Fairway Wood has the award-winning slot technology, called the Ghost Slot Technology.  It is a crown slot that is invisible, and contains the refined cut-through slot.  It essentials hides the crown slot but keeps the benefits of higher ball speeds.  It also has increased forgiveness.

Other golf clubs from Adams Golf are their LH Idea Super S Hybrid, their Super 9031 Hybrid, and many others.

2. Callaway Golf

This American golf equipment company is found in more than 110 countries.  In existence since 1982, it has always stood for superior products and services, and their vision is to help players improve and enjoy their game.

Callaway Golf has their Steelhead XR Graphite Irons which features more speed and distance coming from what is called the Next-Generation 360 Face Cup Technology.  This allows the ball to increase its speed, but with greater efficiency on both center and off-center hits.  It also has a steel-infused polyurethane layer which allows maximum absorption from unwanted vibration and great feel.  When steel is integrated into the urethane it makes the ball faster and launches it higher.  This iron model also features Progressive Center of Gravity Positioning, which gives it more control and distance.

The Big Bertha Alpha Double Black Diamond Driver is a driver that is especially designed for seasoned players.  It features dual distance champers for extreme distance, and has Next Gen R*MOTO technology for increased ball speeds from both on-center and off-center hits. This particular Big Bertha has a deeper face and a traditional shape.  It also has OptiFit adjustability, with 8-way adjustability settings.
Other golf clubs from Callaway golf available at www.rockbottomgolf.com are the MD3 Milled Chrome Wedge, the X Hot N415 Hybrid, and the Apex Hybrid.


3. Cleveland Golf

The Cleveland Golf Black Satin Wedge features a new feel balancing technology, which is a more centered CG location that improves feel and tightens the dispersion of shots.  This gives the golfer maximum control.  A new rotex face features three different innovations:  the Tour Zip Grooves, the new V Sole grinds, the new tour zip grooves which feature a deeper and narrower U shape that includes a sharp edge radius, and laser milling technology that engraves the lines for added friction.

Other Cleveland golf clubs available are Black Satin Wedge Graphite, the 588 Black Satin Wedges, and the Classic Collection HB Insert Putter.

4. TaylorMade Golf

TaylorMade Golf has several classic designs that are consistently ranked at the top of almost all reviews by professionals and users.  The TaylorMade Golf M1 430 Driver, for instance, features the Personal Fit System which has a three-step head adjustment of loft sleeve, Front Track, and Back Track.  The M1 Driver has 3 stock shafts which are the Fujikura Pro 60 for high launches, the Mitsubishi KuraKageTini Silver 60 for mid launches, and the Aldila Rogue Silver 70 for low launches.  It also has a multi-material construction and the T-Track system with a front and back track that has 25 grams of adjustable weight.

Other superior golf clubs available from TaylorMade Golf are the Aeroburner Fairway Wood, the M2 Tour Wedge, and the R15 Fairway Wood.