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The Process Of Iron-On Patches

Iron-on patches are great accessories that are placed on denim jackets and jeans, uniforms, duffel bags, backpacks, and other types of fabric. They are also used as a form of creative expression and to convey a person’s individuality. A practical use for patches is for hiding torn or damaged spots on clothes, particularly denim jeans. The area around the knees is most prone to damage in jeans, especially for children. An iron-on patch is the perfect way to hide those torn spots. There are superhero patches available for boys, and a variety of cute patch designs for girls that are available in the market.

There are many ready-made patches available, but custom-designing patches are quite common, especially for groups, teams and organizations who want to put their own symbols and logos on patches. There are many companies that specialize in customizing patches, like There are many styles and colors to choose from at reasonable prices.

Iron-on patches are great alternatives to other types of patching because it is simple to put on. Only an iron and ironing board are needed.

How does one prepare a patch, iron it on, and makes sure it stays during and after washing?

iron on patchesFirst, determine the type of material that the patch will be ironed on. Iron-on patches are usually made of embroidered materials with cloth backing. It has non-glossy glue-like paper on one side. The adhesive side is located on the underside. They work with most types of fabric, but since high heat is needed for transferring the patch, polyester fabrics may burn or discolor. It is also not advisable to use patches for silk and other such delicate fabrics.


Before turning on the iron, it is best to think about the best placement of the patch. Thinking about the ideal placement beforehand prevents costly mistakes. Start by laying out the jacket, pair of jeans, backpack or bag, and decide where the patch will be placed. If this is the only patch that will be placed on the fabric, place it on an appropriate place where location seems to be intentional. If it will be placed on something that already has a number of patches, or where other patches will be placed in the future, make sure that it is strategically placed where there will be enough space for others.

Next, it is recommended that the work space is prepared well. Patches come with accompanying instructions. Take out the iron and ironing board, and turn it on. Patches generally need a high setting for Cotton fabrics. When the iron is sufficiently hot, it is time to lay out the cloth or fabric on the ironing board.

Now it is time to iron the patch. Arrange the cloth or fabric well to eliminate wrinkles

Placing patches on wrinkled clothing will not have a good effect. Just make sure that the part where the patch will be placed is pressed flat against the ironing board surface. Press the patch on the fabric and depending on the length of time suggested in the accompanying directions press the iron. The given length of time is usually 30 seconds for most iron-on patches.
Now it is time to remove the iron. Let the patch cool. When it has cooled, check whether the patch is securely placed onto the fabric. This can be done by rubbing the edge of the patch using one finger. Remember to rub the edge gently, and try to lift it slowly. If it still lifts up slightly, press the hot iron on it again and wait for another 10 seconds. If the patch does not lift, then that means that it has been successfully transferred onto the fabric.

Any fabric that has an iron-on patch can be washed and placed on the washing machine on gentle cycle and preferably with cold water. It is ideal to turn the garment inside out while washing. Placing the garment in a dryer is not recommended. After the garment has been washed several times, it is good to check if the patch edges have stayed in place. If the patch has slightly lifted, it could easily be ironed on again.


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